Solar SOAS - A Year in the Making

Hey you. Yeah YOU! Are you a student or budding environmentalist? Are you at uni in London? Come down to the Solar SOAS stall this Friday the 29 September to the SOAS Freshers Fayre and come say hello! Bring your ideas, questions, or even just smiles. We hope to see you there!

What a year it has been. On this day, exactly a year ago, we officially finished the installation of our first set of solar panels on the roof of the SOAS main building.

It’s hard to believe that this momentous achievement for us was only a year ago, but it’s already time to celebrate our first anniversary.

Since the installation the team has been very busy keeping the momentum going. We’ve been reaching out to other universities about setting up projects there, we’ve been invited to seminars, conferences and festivals, and we’ve been working with other community energy groups across London to put community energy on the Mayor's agenda.

But it’s not all success and celebration. No, this year we’ve also learnt many things about our first project and just how far we still have to go. There's still plenty to learn, for example improving our accounting and bookkeeping. We've also been working on what to do with our annual community energy fund, which we expect to become available to the SOAS community later this year.

So where are we now? Just a few days ago we surpassed the annual energy generation targets for the year, proving once more that solar energy is not to be underestimated. Our total energy production compared to the theoretical below is just incredible, and shows just how much can be achieved if people wholeheartedly commit to investing in renewables and carbon offsetting schemes.

The past 12 months in solar power

The past 12 months in solar power


We’re just getting the next academic year under way here, and are looking forward to reaching out and engaging with the brand new students coming to SOAS this year. For the meantime though, here’s to a great year of solar and an even greater year ahead!


The UniSolar Team