Joined by a shared passion for climate action, the Current core team of UniSolar consists of:

Robert van Maaren
Co-Director, Financial Officer
MSc Global Energy and Climate Policy (2012-­2013), SOAS

Hannah Short
Co-Director, Communications Manager
BA Chinese and Development Studies (2012­-2016), SOAS

Micheil Page
Co-Director, Outreach Officer
MSc Global Energy and Climate Policy (2017-2019), SOAS

Isobel Annan
Legal and Admin Coordinator
BA Chinese (2012­-2016), SOAS

Charlotte Klinting
Community Fund Manager
MSc Marine Systems and Policies (2015-2016), Uni. of Edinburgh

Camilla Munkedal, BA Chinese and Economics (2016-2020), SOAS

Elly Dinnadge, MSc Global Energy and Climate Policy (2016-2017), SOAS

Unisolar would like to extend their thanks for the valuable contributions from our past team members:

Clare Birkett, MSc Environment, Politics and Development (2013-­2015), SOAS
Thos Thorogood, BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2014-2017), UCL
Jane Nurse, MA Environmental Law and Sustainable Development (2015-2016), SOAS
Anouk Bontoux, BA Development Studies and International Relations (2015-2018), SOAS
Rachel Man, BA Social Anthropology (2015-2018), SOAS
Domenica Lewis, MA International Studies and Diplomacy (2012­-2013), SOAS